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Jul 102012

Health is a focus of contemporary political debate in a moment of historically high anxiety, but are architects, urban designers and landscape architects seeking a new moral and political agenda within these concerns? Imperfect Health: The Medicalization of Architecture examines the complexity of today’s interrelated and emerging health problems juxtaposed with a variety of proposed architectural and urban solutions… 

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Jul 102018

En 2015, con la adopción de la Agenda 2030 de Desarrollo Sostenible y el Acuerdo de París, el mundo se puso de acuerdo por primera vez en la historia para actuar de forma decisiva y afrontar los dos desafíos más importantes a los que se enfrenta la humanidad hoy: lograr el desarrollo sostenible y abordar el problema del cambio climático. Los riegos que el cambio climático presenta para la sociedad en su conjunto, y especialmente para los países en desarrollo, supone el principal obstáculo para alcanzar el desarrollo sostenible. El fenómeno urbano ha sido decisivo en la historia de la humanidad. En Quito, en 2016, se ha establecido una nueva agenda relativa a la salud urbana, en la reunión Health as the Pulse of the New Urban Agenda. Retomar las ideas de ciudad ante un escenario de cambio climático resulta esencial, muchos aspectos relacionados con la salud y el desarrollo social están en juego. Continue reading »

Abr 282018

Dating Filipino women is already very popular not too long ago since Filipino women are proving to get greater expected life fellow travellers. Filipinas are seen as the solution while in the creep in the case of Wok cookware Dating. When people pick up discussions about dating Filipino women the primary explain surface area is definitely the old fashioned disposition why these wives have. Filipinas are aware inside the modern trend that is certainly presenting itself along with the men wanting t marry a woman from your Philippines Most other Asian women generally have terminology barriers but Filipinas speak out good English helping to make them safer to email. That makes Filipino Women very desirable due to the fact is simple for the criminals to provide Traditional western Men and also the traditions. Women from the Philippines will require the culture into your association but always come up with a strong effort to adapt to their partners lifestyle.

In advance of I provide several practices, let me tell you of the main difference between Asian women of all ages and American women. If you’ve read great other material on passenger and seduction, you’re alert that My spouse and i teach a “cocky & playful” approach that could be built to make woman believe that you are a “hard to get” a little like male — a PRIZE she’s going to aspire to be successful.

I’ve truly Attempted Positive Affirmations, So why Isn’t it Working For Myself?

visit here When using the technology with all the online world, it may help a great deal to create a fabulous variations in dating women. For anyone who is not so confident regarding precisely you can strategy and how to meet Asian women, you’ll be able to allow it to become a whole lot much simpler through constant communication throughout messaging, email or telephone calls. Whenever you have known her to some extent lower, you’ll be able to consequently consentrate on going to her or seeing the woman’s in person, thus the dating begins.

Asian women will have most of the time, before they determine going for a marriage to another location level. Some may need to find out about your family before deciding on to help to make next step. Consequently generate acquire intimate and her prematurily., except your woman wants them because of this. Hold back and invest your efforts and efforts to provide their bond and win her trust.

3. At the end of the date, of your house night-time, you should literally take her to the woman’s home, or at least be certain the girl gets within a airport transfer. In view of Chinese gals noted with Asia, they may not be virtually so streetwise as west women (regardless if they may be living in a traditional western country for long periods), she won’t think healthy going home after dark by themselves, even when the girl says she does.

Oct 302013


sevillana medicina«Sevillana medicina. Que trata el modo conservativo y curativo de los que habitan en la muy insigne ciudad de Sevilla: la qual sirve y aprovecha para qualquier otro lugar destos reynos», es una obra escrita en 1418 por Juan de Aviñon y traducida e impresa  en 1545 por el afamado médico y botánico Nicolás de Monardes.


Resulta  sugerente esta obra  por el modo en que se enfrenta al problema de la ciudad y su entorno como un sistema que interactúa con el cuerpo. Interacciones más o menos armónicas que pueden ser equilibradas a través del buen diseño o el buen hábito.


Para aquellos que estamos menos interesados en el objeto que en los efectos que este produce, Sevillana medicina es sin duda un exótico y valioso hallazgo.